Noelle Taylor Jewelry Noelle Taylor Jewelry

How We Got Started

Hi & Welcome to my shop!
My name is Taylor and I started making jewelry when I was 10 years old. I discovered these beautiful geodes that you see in most of all of the pieces that I create and decided to make wraps that can be worn in multiple different ways (bracelet, necklace, choker, etc.)  with these very unique stones. I now make necklaces and chokers with the stones as well so there is more to choose from than just the wraps! I am a full time student and I work 3 jobs but what I love most is making jewelry and that is why I started up my own store! Please shop around, enjoy & reach out with any questions that you may have.

Side Note:
Every stone is unique in its own way because it is natural. Most stones look very similar but not exactly identical, so I try to make limited edition pieces that highlight each stone as an individual. I look over every stone that is cut to make sure each customer is getting a beautiful rock that looks very similar and almost identical to the stones you see previewed in the pictures on this website!